Christine Jean-Guyader

En Chemin

My career

I was born in 1952 in Nevers (58000 France). After scientific studies and career, passionately found of painting, drawing and colors since childhood, I finally allowed myself to live my passion in 2007 in Touraine.

Self-taught, but having practiced drawing and painting in several workshops since my childhood, my painting has been first figurative. Paintings of Nicolas de Staël and Kandinsky fascinate me and made me turn to lyrical abstraction and colouristic painting in 2007, I then improved myself in this way by frequenting internationally recognized artists' studios as those of Jérôme Tisserand, Thibaut de Reimpré, Peter Casagrande ...

My painting, several times described as plentiful and moving, puts
moments of light and life on the canvas. I have exhibited since July 2008 and I got my first award in October of the same year I got several first prizes, and was guest of honor in exhibitions.

A number of my paintings are part of
private and public collections in France and abroad.

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