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Welcome in my shapes and colors world.

I present here my inner world’s pictorial expression that materialize in lyric abstraction and colorist painting and offer you a share of it.

All works presented in my web gallery of art are unique creations, including of course monotypes and poem and painting books. I don’t make any reproduction (lithography or poster) of my works.

Buy a painting, why not ?

Why buying a painting is interesting :
You get an original, unique painting that no one else has :
When you buy a painting of mine on this site or in a gallery, you are sure you get a unique piece of art, authentic certified, you can use to design the decor with your own special touch knowing nobody can have the same.

The painting you buy is created with great care :
Creating a painting of mine needs many hours of work on composition, texture, color composition and blending, transparencies … The result is an artwork with endless small details, beautiful colors and great depth, in which you will continually make new discoveries.

You get a quality product :
I take pride in using paint, materials and tools in a very high quality linen canvas, first-class acrylics, pure pigments.

You get the best service :
I answer quickly all your questions about my paintings, their price and delivery.
I can deliver where you want respecting laws.
If you want to buy a painting that is exhibited in a gallery and can’t go to it, I can contact it and organize the sale and delivery for you.

Some details on my gallery :

Each painting, first shown with others of the same group, can be viewed individually by clicking on its picture that enlarge it.

Then, under the picture, a link allows you to
ask me more informations about the painting, its price, methods of payment and its delivery means and fee. I usually answer very quickly.
All my paintings can be delivered worldwide and paid in Euro, US Dollars or Sterling Pounds.

There is also another link that allows you to
visualise the painting in your decorsimply by downloading in the website a photo of the place you want try it and giving a scaling information. All these data are deleted from the website within 48 hours.

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