Christine Jean-Guyader

Formes et matières 3

My artistic way

My painting’s purpose is not to reproduce the outer appearance of things, rather it tries to capture their internal tension fields and reveal the hidden links between them.
It does not aim at being an aesthetic object, its purpose is to reveal
my way of perceiving and feeling the breaths which animate both the universe and myself. Thus it aims to bring to light my deep relationship with life.

Thus my painting is an
invitation to a journey within my own vision of the currents running through and structuring the universe as I feel them in the depths of my mind. The lyrical and colorful abstraction, through which I express myself, tells of life’s ambivalence: joys and sorrows, meetings and separations, shades and lights.

For me,
painting is transcendent, it speaks of the dialog between the body and the unconscious mind. It is ephemeral by the emotions it induces, but it remains as a picture.

Painting is a one's own adventure, an
inner journey to an unknown who can surprise me and give me so many moments of happiness.

The way I look at nature, mysteries and symbols of life, the emotions that appear, what music I listen to gets born in my mind,
these are the sources of my inspiration.

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